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An iPhone and iPad display CIMS Light and CIMS Gold cemetery software.

What's the difference between CIMS Light and CIMS Gold?

Too often, inaccurate records and unreliable maps stand in the way of what cemeterians do best: serving families and providing comfort. That’s why cemeteries around the world are implementing cemetery software that streamlines record-keeping and mapping processes.

In this post, we take a closer look at two CIMS cemetery software products: CIMS Light and CIMS Gold. We’ll break down their key features and outline the big differences between the two popular software products.

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A cemetery map in CIMS cemetery mapping software

5 Advantages of Cemetery Mapping Software

Aging paper maps. Tattered logbooks. Busy spreadsheets.

What used to be essential cemetery management tools are now creating customer service bottlenecks for some cemeteries. Why? For cemeterians, information everywhere is information overload. When maps and records are scattered across multiple sources, it’s difficult to help grieving families quickly and effectively.

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