What's the difference between CIMS Light and CIMS Gold?

An iPhone and iPad display CIMS Light and CIMS Gold cemetery software.

Too often, inaccurate records and unreliable maps stand in the way of what cemeterians do best: serving families and providing comfort. That’s why cemeteries around the world are implementing cemetery software that streamlines record-keeping and mapping processes.

In this post, we take a closer look at two CIMS cemetery software products: CIMS Light and CIMS Gold. We’ll break down their key features and outline the big differences between the two popular software products.


CIMS Light: Budget-friendly cemetery software


A limited budget shouldn’t stand in the way of more efficient cemetery management. That’s where CIMS Light comes in. CIMS Light is an entry-level cemetery management product for municipal, religious, and private cemeteries that want to digitize their records and keep their cemetery data safe. While CIMS Light does not include digital cemetery maps, it boasts the same powerful database that serves as the backbone of all CIMS cemetery software products. Plus, the software is cloud-based, meaning that users can access CIMS Light anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.


A screenshot of a record in CIMS Light. Fields show space type, status, owner and co-owner names, date sold, and costs. Another tab shows an image of the gravesite.


Using CIMS Light, cemetery managers can track what’s sold and what’s available, edit burial information and interment records, and take advantage of cemetery management tools. The software also helps cemeterians:


  • Back up cemetery data with secure cloud-based storage.
  • Create work orders, contracts, and deeds.
  • Download reports.
  • Save time with free automatic software updates.
  • Take advantage of unlimited technical support from the CIMS team.
  • Track data with custom user-defined fields.
  • Upload and save documents linked to burials, markers, and transactions.



CIMS Light is also compatible the following additional services from CIMS:



Want to digitize your records but can’t yet afford to add digital mapping? CIMS Light may be the way to go. Many CIMS customers have started their cemetery management software journeys with CIMS Light. Cemeteries using CIMS Light can always easily upgrade and add mapping with CIMS Gold or CIMS Platinum.


CIMS Gold: A powerful database meets user-generated mapping


CIMS Gold is cloud-based software for municipal, religious, and private cemeteries that want to upgrade their management processes with a powerful database and easy-to-use digital maps. Like CIMS Light, CIMS Gold helps cemetery managers organize records and streamline day-to-day operations by providing real-time insights about plot availability, ownership details, burial information, maintenance requests, and more.

An exciting feature sets CIMS Gold apart from CIMS Light: user-generated mapping. The user-generated mapping feature allows cemeterians to link all interment information to an interactive map of their cemetery grounds. Cemetery managers can add icons to their user-generated maps to indicate availability, grave status, and more.


A user-generated cemetery map in CIMS Gold. Green and blue pins mark burial locations.


Using CIMS Gold, cemetery staff can also:


  • Create work orders, contracts, and deeds.
  • Customize their CIMS experience with user-defined fields.
  • Download reports.
  • Print cemetery maps and records.
  • Protect cemetery data with secure storage on the cloud.
  • Store documents linked to burials, markers, and transactions.
  • Take advantage of free automatic software updates.
  • Tap into unlimited technical support from the CIMS team.



CIMS Gold is compatible with most additional services offered by CIMS, including:



Looking for cemetery mapping software? Read our guide on the differences between CIMS Gold and CIMS Platinum.




The key differences between CIMS Light and CIMS Gold


Although both CIMS Light and CIMS Gold are built on the same easy-to-use database, there are three big differences between the two products: mapping capabilities, available additional services, and cost.


Difference #1: Mapping


While CIMS Light users can enjoy a variety of cemetery management tools, the software does not include digital mapping. CIMS Gold, on the other hand, allows users to take control of their cemetery maps with its user-generated mapping feature.


Difference #2: Additional services


Since mapping is not included in CIMS Light, CIMS Light is not compatible with mapping-related additional services, such as drone and 360-degree imaging.


Difference #3: Price


There’s no one-size-fits-all cemetery management solution. That’s why CIMS offers various products at various price points. In general, CIMS Gold has a slightly higher price tag than CIMS Light. Want to see which solution better aligns with your cemetery’s budget? Request your CIMS Light and CIMS Gold cost estimate here.


See CIMS Light and CIMS Gold in action


The best way to learn whether CIMS Light or CIMS Gold better fits your cemetery’s needs is to see both products in action. Schedule an online demo with a CIMS expert to learn more about your options.