How to Convince Decision-Makers Cemetery Software Matters

The sun sets behind a row of trees at a scenic cemetery. A laptop and iPhone display digital maps of cemetery grounds.

Every so often, unfortunate cemetery errors make the news. While these mistakes aren’t common, the headlines cause a stir in local communities and across the deathcare industry.

Grieving family shocked to find someone else buried at their gravesite.

Burials exhumed after cemetery mistake.

Cemetery sells same plots to multiple families.

These situations are traumatic for everyone involved. Families are distraught. Communities are outraged. Cemeteries search for answers.

The good news? Cemeteries can often avoid errors like these with cemetery mapping and management software. That’s why thousands of cemeteries across the United States have moved on from their paper maps and invested in more efficient cemetery management programs.

Is your cemetery considering management software? In this post, we provide a quick introduction to cemetery software before sharing useful tips for convincing cemetery trustees and decision-makers that cemetery management software matters.




What is cemetery management software?


Cemetery management software is software designed to help cemetery staff manage inventory and records. Cemeteries typically invest in cemetery management programs to improve cemetery operations, drive plot sales, and preserve maps, records, and documents for the next generation of cemeterians.

There are many types of cemetery management software. Cemetery mapping software connects all burial records to a digital cemetery map, streamlining the record-keeping process for cemetery managers. Cemetery software without mapping allows cemeterians to store all records and documents in a custom database.

Some cemetery management programs are desktop-based, meaning cemetery information is stored locally. Cloud-based cemetery software stores data on the cloud, allowing cemetery staff to access records from anywhere with an internet connection.



Why cemetery management software matters


Ready to upgrade your cemetery operations? Here are five things to consider before investing in a cemetery management program.


Cemetery software has become a norm in the deathcare industry.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use cemetery management software. Thousands of cemeteries in the US have invested in applications and programs to streamline record-keeping and improve cemetery operations. In fact, your neighbors may even be using cemetery mapping software. See if cemeteries near you have partnered with CIMS here.




Cemetery software sets up sales teams for success.

Say goodbye to disputes over what’s sold and what’s available. With real-time insights into cemetery inventory, cemetery software keeps sales teams on the same page. Plus, cemetery staff can leverage the software to track sales activity and uncover new opportunities.


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Cemetery software allows you to expand your cemetery's capabilities without increasing your payroll.

Cemetery management software does more than improve your cemetery’s operations. It introduces new revenue-generating opportunities for your staff. From cemetery marketing tools like online grave locators to customer outreach opportunities like virtual cemetery tours, cemetery software helps cemeterians find customers in new ways.


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Cemetery software saves your staff time.

Information everywhere is information overload. With cemetery management software, cemetery managers can dedicate more of their time to helping customers and spend less time digging for lost records. Cemetery management software brings together the tools your staff needs to serve grieving families. Users can create deeds, assign work orders, and report on cemetery operations—all from the program’s dashboard.




Cemetery software secures your records for the next generation of cemeterians.

What happens if our paper maps get lost or damaged? At one point or another, every cemeterian considers this question. By digitizing your cemetery data and keeping it secure, cemetery management software protects your maps and records from the elements (and accidents). Plus, many of today’s cemetery management programs are cloud-based, meaning they store your cemetery’s data on the cloud. With cloud-based cemetery software, cemeterians can access maps and records from anywhere with an internet connection.


About CIMS cemetery software

CIMS (Cemetery Information Management System) was born out of a commitment to the dedicated cemetery representatives who keep cemeteries running. Over the past two and a half decades, the CIMS team has worked closely with more than 1,000 municipal, religious, and private cemeteries to create software and modules that simplify record-keeping and streamline everyday tasks.

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